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Benefits for Orchestras

We aim to attract exceptional musicians to participate in your orchestra auditions. By utilizing OrchestraPLAN, you gain access to the following benefits:

Customizable Profile Pages

Tailor your orchestra's profile page to reflect its unique identity and showcase its repertoire, history, and achievements.

Precise Vacancy Listings

Create detailed vacancy listings specifying audition requirements, repertoire, deadlines, and other essential details to attract the right candidates.

Targeted Email Notifications

Reach a growing audience of classical musicians through periodical email notifications about job openings, ensuring maximum visibility for your vacancies.

Social Media Promotion

We actively share every job you publish on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This enables users to explore details about available positions and engage with your posts.

Enhanced Visibility

Increase your orchestra's visibility within the classical music community by featuring prominently on the job board, attracting top-tier talent seeking new opportunities.

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