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The Place Where Orchestra Jobs are Found

Before OrchestraPLAN: Information about the auditions is everywhere. Hours are spent checking different websites. Some auditions are missed. After OrchestraPLAN: All the auditions are organized in one place. Updates about new or changed auditions are sent to my Email. The Calendar is planned. I'm going to win the next audition!

How it works

The most up to date list of open orchestra positions.

Open Interactive Map of Jobs to explore which positions and where are open.

We also send email updates with the recent job updates.

To subscribe to the updates open Interactive Map of Jobs, click "Get my job updates" and follow the instructions.

I'm a Musician

We collect information about open positions.

You practice and win the job.

I'm an Orchestra

Jobs from your orchestra are not listed on OrchestraPLAN?

Get in touch and we will add you to the list